Bulldog Basics

Here at UrbanBulldog.com we don’t pretend to have a degree in bulldogs (or veterinary science or medicine or breeding animals of any kind). But we do love ’em, smushed faces and all, and our years with Sherbert have taught us a thing or two about what it’s like to live with a bulldog. Herein a few of the most frequently asked questions:

Q: Are bulldogs messy and/or dirty?
Is the sky blue? Things that I have found stuck to Sherbert’s face include: a receipt, a cigarette butt, and enough leaves and dirt to make a small tree. To get a really good smell of anything a bulldog has to stick their squatty nose right in it–or, even better, take a little bite to determine its value. These taste tests usually include excess salivation, a.k.a. drool. This drool is then shaken across the room or blown in the face of anyone who dares to get too close–I call this the “Sherbert shower” and it happens five to 10 times a day.

Q: Are bulldogs noisy?
Sherbert, bless her heart, can’t really bark. We don’t know why, but when she does try to exert her womanliness through woofing it is a baby bark at best. But this dog has pipes: her snoring is of epic proportions and when a bulldog gobbles down dinner it is a snort and slobber fest (see question 1). I do know that other bulldogs CAN bark, but I don’t think bulldogs are generally barkers or yippers.

Q: Can bulldogs run and play?
Bulldogs do overheat extremely easily and their squatty legs and big tundra chests can lead to joint problems. But I’ve seen many bulldogs that run around and play with people, balls, other dogs, etc. Will they go jogging with you, or help you hunt pheasant? No. No. No.

Q: Are bulldogs affectionate/good with kids?
Extremely. Sherbert is a snuggle bug. She loves to have her belly rubbed, her head rubbed…basically, any body part that has hair needs to be petted eight or more times a day. Sherbert loves kids because they are just her size and tend to drop snacks frequently.

Q: What sort of maintenance do bulldogs need?
Besides the basics–food, water, love, shelter–bulldogs need to have their skin folds cleaned regularly to remove dirt and avoid sores. Sherbert also needs to have the area between her toes cleaned and is on a special diet due to repeated ear infections caused by regular food. Speaking of food, bulldogs can pile on the pounds if their owner isn’t careful–excess weight is no good for a bully’s joints.

Certainly this isn’t everything there is to know about bulldogs. If you have a question or we forgot something feel free to leave a comment or shoot us an email at contact@urbanbulldog.com. And if you’re really interested in buying a bulldog be sure to do your homework–these are unique creatures and, no, not all bulldogs can skateboard.

  1. Maybe consider mentioning something about how their “special” gastrointestinal systems are not for the faint of heart as they tend to burp and fart more than a drunken sailor. Or at my Simon does. 🙂

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