Bye Bye Baltimore, Hello IKEA Lounger

I think it’s fair to say that Thurman’s tour of Baltimore was a rousing success.
He ate some cheese, met some bullies, and got to show off his flexible features.
PLUS, he’s promised to come back and guest blog again! Sweet. Sherbert and I were just talking about a much-needed beach vacation.

In the meantime if anyone wants to show off their bully’s stomping ground, please let us know ( Or if you want to just lounge around like Gregory here, that’s OK too. After all, it’s hard being a bulldog.

Thanks again to Lars for guest blogging and to Anna for these adorable photos of Gregory…who is topping the scales at 72 pounds now!

  1. Thanks to everyone for the high praise! Thurman did all the work. Gregory Bulldog looks like he would fit right in at our house… where a second bulldog has been recently promised. As for Thurman, whenever he ends his thoughts in a question (“I did good?”) he usually does a HEAD TILT

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