Behold the Bunny Cone of Shame

We interrupt our regularly scheduled bulldog updates to bring you a human interest story of another sort: bunnies in a cone. Well, one bunny, named Bunny…wearing a cone.
It’s common knowledge that dogs, Sherbert especially, have to wear the aptly named “Cone of Shame” after such humiliating events as being spayed or having their parents tape a bootie to their paw until said paw swells to disproportionate heights and becomes infected.
I still feel really bad about that one.
But I bet you didn’t know that should you be the owner of a bunny (who may or may not be named Bunny) in need of a little snip-snip, said bunny will not only also be forced to wear a cone of shame, it will have to be CUSTOM MADE to fit bunny’s unique proportions.

Bunny belongs to my friend Lindsay (who is not 12, I assure you) as we have many hilarious discussions about the indignities our poor pets go through, usually at our hands. Bunny, like Sherbert, was not impressed with his cone of shame, but he went on to make a full recovery and below is a picture to prove it.

From Lindsay: I included one post-op healthy picture to show off his sheer masculine bunny ability to heal.

P.S. The name Bunny is what happens when you let a classroom full of minors name your pet.
The name Sherbert is what happens when a grown woman creates an imaginary bulldog three years before actually acquiring a real bulldog. You see now why Lindsay and I are lifelong friends.
  1. Oh my gosh Bunny is so cute…and with special cut outs for his ears…managed to look regal when all healed…Good job Lindsay….

  2. HYPOTHESIS: with it’s goofy ears and penchant for laying around with it’s rear legs splayed out backwards, the bunny is actually just a streamlined bulldog.

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