Brindle Seven-Month-Old Bulldog Named Stella; Video of Thurman at the Pet Store

All together now: “Awwwww.”
This beautiful gal is named Stella and she’s just seven months old…which means she still thinks the camera is a treat dispenser.  (Really, Sherbert has only recently learned the truth.)

Thanks to Tyler for sending in these pics! Hope to see more!

Double Bonus Day
Thurman’s out on the town again and stopped by a pet store only to be bombarded with TONS OF BABY BULLDOGS.

But all Thurman wants is to go to the toy isle for his requisite present; that’s what the outing is for after all.

  1. yes… i asked her about it… they are normal AKC registered english bulldog parents, but they have specifically bred small males with small females. she expected the males to be under 50 lbs and females to be around 40. i think “micro mini” is her term, they’re real bulldogs… just not as big as thurman’s (he had big parents)

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