A Belated Happy St. Patty’s Day from Thurman

Thurman looks like wearing this pretty green boa is an unfortunate means to an end:
TREATS and HEAD RUBS. Both of which were likely in abundance during his Federal Hill St. Patty’s stroll.

Thanks to Lars for these pics and hope everyone had a happy St. Patty’s Day. [I’m still put out that Boulder does not sell Shamrock Shakes at MickeyD’s?!?]

We have lots of photo submissions all ready for next week including another Baltimore buddy, Lola from the Big Apple, and even a Boston Bull Terrier named Rascal Joe.

See you then!

  1. we were out for a walk on the morning after all the revelry (in addition to 3/17, baltimore also celebrated last weekend). big thurm found that on the street and wanted to eat it. we decided he should wear it instead for remainder of our walk. he became even more popular (he loved it).

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