Happy [Belated] Birthday Lunchbox! The Big #1

Dear Lunchbox,

Happy belated birthday, buddy. Sorry I’m a day and a week late with these well wishes, but here me out.

You see we knew your birthday was at the end of September…but the end of September snuck up on us so fast!

And when I finally pulled out the paperwork I saw that we were two whole days late. (In my defense I was in Utah in the Canyonlands on the day of your actual birth, you know, “working”. Paperwork doesn’t exist in the backcountry.)

I know Jackie suggested we buy you a “liver loaf” with real doggie candles for your 1st b-day, but, um, a liver loaf? I’m sorry, no.

And then I tried to take you to PetSmart, but, remember this?, you kind of pitched a fit in the parking lot.

Yeah, it doesn’t look good when your owner has to drag you in the store (thankfully, the floor at PetSmart is very slippery!). If we hadn’t of needed food, for you, we would have just put our tail stubs between our legs and headed home right then.

And well, here’s the honest truth, we just don’t know what a dog birthday looks like. See, Sherbert doesn’t have a birthday. Well, she does, I mean she must, but we don’t have any idea what it is. We don’t even know the year Sherbert was born Lunchbox, so just the fact that we (now) know the date of yours is something, right?

But this year LB, I made a little shrine in the honor of my bulldogs. It’s nice right? I’m thinking Engineer Dan will feel differently, so enjoy it while it lasts.

So, next year Lunchbox, when you’re two, we’ll have a special day. Maybe I’ll make you a tofu sweet potato loaf. You’d like that, right? Unless, of course, you suffer from the terrible twos. Then we might forget again.

Luv you buddy.

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Lunchbox from Phyllis Darlene, who turned 1 on September 17th! Phylly sends you a little b-day love in the form of a slobber kiss and a little birthday snort!

  2. Lunch, happy birthday! Tell your humans that you prefer to have the treats brought to you on your day. Pitching a fit in the Petsmart parking lot is the first step to helping them realize this.

    You’ve got to keep teaching them. They are stupid humans, after all. Ask Sherbs. I’ve seen that stink eye.

    Happy birthday again, big buddy!


  3. Ha! What Scooter failed to mention is that some years we have either forgotten her birthday altogether or missed it by weeks.

    Her heavy head (from wearing the crown) doesn’t seem to be any worse because of it. ;)

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