Thurman’s Stink Face; What the UB Bulldogs are Thankful For

Far more serious than regular stink eye, Thurman here is showing us his stink face. 
And who knows why? Every part of him is touching something soft…meeting the bulldog comfort requirements. His head, heck his whole torso, is properly elevated, and he’s even got a little stretch going on in those front paws. Thurman, what’s the deal?

Ahhh, those pesky bright lights coming from the camera? Just part of the life of a star bulldog.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the other *star* bullies and thanks to Lars for sending in these pictures!

The UB bulldogs want you to know they are thankful for polarfleece, pea pods, Kong balls, red wagons, and all the other bulldogs who send in pictures so they get a moment of peace!

Have a great holiday everybody!

Next week we’ll have photos of Buster at the equestrian center! Horses and bulldogs and donkeys, oh my!
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