Mo & MiMo, Take 2

Several weeks ago I introduced you to Mo & MiMo, the bulldogs alter egos for the children’s storybook idea I’m working on. In the first installation, Mo & MiMo are backyard watchdogs…although their prowess as guard dogs has yet to be tapped.

In this installation, Mo & MiMo go in search of Mo’s lost hearing. Take a look at this idea and let me know in the comments which storyline you prefer: Mo & MiMo: Crime Fighters Extraordinaire, or Mo & MiMo: The Quest for Mo’s Lost Ears. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Mo & MiMo are a quarrelsome pair; Mo can’t hear & MiMo can’t bark. 
They communicate through head butts and low growls. 
Long staring matches are punctuated by the swiping of paws. 
They have so much to share, but just can’t get it out; Instead they snarl, and fight, and pout. 

One day MiMo, tired of the fracas, hatched a plan to seek out Mo’s missing sounds. 
She wrote a note in kibble that only Mo could read. 
It said: “Meet me at the ficus bush at 3. Bring Cheese!

Mo was perplexed but hoped to make amends. He smuggled some cheese and headed to their spot. 
At 3 MiMo arrived and settled into her task. 
In the dirt and the leaves she drew a detailed map. She finished her masterpiece by tossing in a handful of grass. 

Mo just sat there and stared at what looked like a big mess. 

He saw streets and mountains…and was that…THE VET’S?!?
Poor MiMo, he thought, she’s finally lost it. 

But then, out of nowhere, MiMo pounced on his back – this was quite a trick for such an old dog!
She grabbed his floppy ears and gave a mighty blow. Mo’s ears flew up and the grass clippings resettled. 
And suddenly Mo got it – they were going on a quest!
They were going to find his hearing – or, at least make an attempt. 

To be continued…

  1. Absoutely lets go with the quest…the adventures that might ensue would ensure that the two dogs work together for the ever elusive hearing, which he/they will find out he/they really doesn’t need anyway, but that is the journey.and the fun……Great job…

  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Sounds like the Quest is a winner (for now) so I’ll post more soon. Again, thanks! Now, if only we could really find LB’s hearing – that’d be a book!

  3. I think I have arrived late to give the opinion but I’m also into the find-the-hearing story ’cause I also have a deaf English Bulldog and I would love to have a children book to cope with the situation. Greets from Spain and congratulations for your work.

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