Happy 5th Birthday Lunchbox!! + Bonus Birthday

Two Cute Bulldogs Frolicking in the snow


Although I honored Lunchbox’s fifth birthday on social media I almost let it pass on by on the blog. But then I learned that Miss Phyllis Darlene had also recently celebrated her five-year milestone. And her mama sent in this great photo of Phyllis and her little bro Oliver. And really five years is nothing to scoff at. LB isn’t a puppy anymore (that was a fleeting year), and I’d like to think he is maturing with age. No, he won’t go on a new walk route (there are only two approved routes, and both are iffy), but he will let {some} strangers into the house with only a cursory woof.  And he now allows Davis (3.5) to drag him to and fro by the collar  – why this is allowed I have no idea. So please join me in sending both Lunchbox and Phyllis Darlene a Happy Belated Birthday. And many more.


Lunchbox, Listening

Lunchbox, Listening



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