UrbanBulldog Holiday Card 2015


Normally I don’t bother corralling and cajoling Lunchbox to attend the Christmas card photo shoot. I have a very small window in which to get a happy shot of Davis, and let’s face it, the relatives really want to see Davis on the card. But this year I spied a brick wall across form our house that was just perfect and we didn’t give LB time to protest. We marched him immediately across the street and out of his two-walk comfort zone. My husband was actually rather shocked but sometimes I can sense when LB will go with it and this was one of those days. We then set them up in two spots trying to hold the leash while also staying out of the frame. The ones that didn’t work are comical. But on this Davis took the reigns, Dan snapped the pics, and we were back home, on the sofa, in under 30 minutes. Win, win, win.

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